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November 3, 2014 Next game is the Thanksgiving Massacre in Mobile, AL http://www.southernalabamapaintball.com/events.html  Billy of LCP is putting on the game and should be a great time.  Come say hello at the Bad Monkeys camp. Game dates are Nov. 8-9.

September 15, 2012 Next game is the The Battle for 1313 Mocking Bird Lane 
Sept. 29-30th, 2012 near Gainesville, FL Here's the site for onyone interested. http://www.firststrikepaintball.com/indexFSP3.htm Hope to see you there.

January 7,2012 Happy New Year. First game of the year will be at Firststrike Paintball www.firststrikepaintball.com February 25,26 Halo:Return of the Master Chief. I'll have some giveaways available for anyone who mentions they saw this on the website. Limited edition stuff.  Come find me at the Bad Monkey's tent. 

October 25,2011  Waynes World Grand Finale. I'm getting a group together to head out to the Grand Finale this year. If I can get enough of a group, I'll even bring the tanks to the game. Hope to see you there! www.waynes-world.com 

August 1,2011  First Strike Paintball 24hr game Wild Wild West on Oct 15,16. I'm playing for the James West side. If you planning on being there, definitely stop by the Bad Monkeys camp and say hello. Hope to see everyone there.

May 2,2010 Just got back from the Attack of the Necromongers game at Firststrike paintball. Smaller game but lots of fun with 9 tanks on the field. Very tank friendly and DT/ Quadzilla friendly field.  I'm trying to get up to the Mt.Doom game in Hanceville, AL on May 29,30. Quadzilla should be able to wreck quite a few players there. Here's the website: http://www.24hourgames.com Post in the forum if you'll be there.

June 7,2009 Look forward to seeing/meeting some more DoubleTrouble and Quadzilla users at Blanding on Sept 4-6 for The Hades Factor. We're playing on Hammer's side. Website for the game: www.southernxtremepaintball.com   Stop by the Bad Monkeys tent and say hello. 

May 4,2009 Just a warning of a collaboration between DoubleTrouble2.com and a very cool company up north. I'm not allowed to post any details/pics until the debut. Should be right after Memorial Day weekend. It's just one more nightmare for people to be on the lookout for. Doc :)

January 25,2009   Hope to see some more DoubleTrouble and Quadzilla users at the Battlefield Blanding game on Feb 28-Mar 1. Here's the website if you're interested:  http://www.southernxtremepaintball.com/news.php Sign up for the Red team.

February 11,2008  Here's a list of the upcoming games we'll be attending.  

Seige of Stormwynd Feb 16-17 www.mxsportz.com I'll have a photographer from one of the paintball magazines running around with me at this game. See if you can guess which magazine. :)

Pauley's Rangers March 29-30 www.firststrikepaintball.com

Parallel Universe April 19-20 www.waynes-world.com

See you there!

December 5,2007 Win a DoubleTrouble!!!  Due to popular demand, We've decided to raffle off a DoubleTrouble kit complete with two Tippmann A5s assembled and tuned by Doc.  The raffle is open to anyone in the lower 48 states. You do not need to be present to win.  The drawing will take place on December 16th at Billy's Blanding Bash at game's end. The drawing will be videotaped and posted on here so everyone will see it's legit.  For tickets at the game, please stop by the BadMonkeys tent. Ticket cost is $2 each or three for $5.  For everyone not attending the game, you can either mail in the $2/$5 or you can use paypal (but if using paypal, tickets are $2.50 each or three for $5.50 to cover the stupid paypal costs)   The paypal account is dlord92@yahoo.com  For as little as $2, you could win your very own complete DoubleTrouble. Good Luck!

October 23,2007 Upcoming games Where we'll be playing in the next few months:
Windy Bones and his Fast Crusade Nov. 3-4
Wayne's World Grand Finale Dec. 1-2
Billy's Blanding Bash Dec. 15-16
Hope to see you there. Stop by the Bad Monkeys tent and introduce yourself.

October 1,2007 Quadzilla pics added  New pics of the Quadzilla in action added today.

Sept 27,2007  Quadzilla In Stock I've got a matching/sequentially numbered Quadzilla assembled packaged and ready for shipment. $1650 includes shipping.

Sept 5,2007  At the Games   If you see me at one of the scenarios or big games, I'm always willing to make a deal on the gear I'm using.  You can get a bargain and I'll have less to clean. :)

August 21,2007 The Alamo I'm trying to make it out to the Alamo game at FirstStrike Paintball in Newberry, FL   Fort defense games with BYOP were made for the Double Trouble Gen 2 :) Also, for the players who have purchased a kit, I'm bringing my "new" gear to the games this year. ;)

August 20,2007 Gallery There should be quite a few additions to the gallery in the next week . I'm expecting a bunch of new DoubleTrouble Gen 2 Owners to submit pics. 

July 26,2007 Ready to Ship  I have 17 kits packaged and ready for immediate shipment. Pic to follow after the digital camera returns from Olympus. Double Trouble Gen 2 kits should arrive at your door within 5 days of placing the order.(Unless the order is made on Saturday)  :)

July 6,2007 Flying Kits Kits are going out fast. Thank you for your orders. Only 1 spare Crank connecting rod left. If you need a spare or a replacement, get it now.

June 8,2007 Stock Update I've received more DoubleTrouble Gen 2 kits. They are packaged and ready for shipping.  I also have 2 complete kits(DT kit +2 A5s assembled and tuned) ready to go.

June 7,2007 SENT!!!  Talk about a marathon at the post office. The line was about 40 people behind me when I left...lol But ALL paid preorders have now been shipped. Enjoy!
May 28,2007 SCREWED!! Literally!! The machine shop sent screws that were too short for the kit and they won't even reach the threads in the kit. Grrrr. They are sending the correct screws by next-day air. The shipping will cost more than the worth of the screws...... However the other parts of the kit look awesome. I'll post a pic of a few of the parts that came in. Sorry for the delay.

May 20,2007 Preorders: All preorders will be filled in the order they were received. Except for Christian B. Since he was the first to preorder, he received his kit last week(May14th) including my personal spare cranks. I only had 2 left...

May 18,2007 UPS HAS MY STUFF!!!   Package is on it's way!! Scheduled for May 24th delivery. Cutting it close for Blanding but I'll have them ready. I'll start checking the package progress every hour.  Nah, every ten minutes.

May 16,2007 Three days until kits are COMPLETED!!!   Cranks arrived at the machine shop today for their final work. 3 days and they'll be sent to me. I'll update when they're on their way here.May 4,2007  Very Cool Update.    The metal parts of the kits went into final laser engraving today. The engraving on each kit will have a unique serial number along with the doubletrouble2.com and DoubleTrouble A-5. Like a limited edition seriolithograph but a bit more welty.

April 27,2007   NEW WEBSITE!!!!! WOOHOO!!!! www.doubletrouble2.com is alive.  Lots of work to do on the site. Excuse the mess.

April 25,2007   Production Update.   Metal parts are completed.  Chris B. should still be getting his completed kit before his game next week.

April 10,2007   13 kits arriving early.   The first 13 preorders will be getting their kits early. Within 2 weeks if all goes well.

March 21,2007   50 Double Trouble Gen 2 kits set to arrive the first week in May.   Reserve yours now. I'll send them out in the order of receipt. Keeping fingers crossed for no delays.March 21,2007   DT metal parts production now started. WOOHOO!!!   I just finished dealing with the machine shop that mills, annodizes and laser engraves all the aluminum pieces and production has offically started. If all goes well, I should be receiving the first completed units in just a few weeks.

March 28.2007   Double Trouble Gen 2 Rentals?   If there seems to be any interest in Double Trouble Rentals. I will make 5-6 DTs available at the Scenario Games I attend. Starting with the May Viper game at Blanding.