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Predator at Oklahoma D-Day 2004 

Here's Team FBK's badass tank. Thank you Bryan for the pic!

Razorback debut at Oklahoma D-Day 2004: notice any differences from the current Razorback?  There's a bunch!

Here's the Predator Paintball tank at the Viper Blanding game 2007. Very cool with the Z-car base vehicle and the dual DoubleTroubles.

Player pics using DoubleTroubles: If you have any, send em to me

to be posted on here.

My brother and I advancing toward the enemy base at the 2006 Free Finale.
Thank you PBJunkie for taking pics of the game.

Video: Free Finale 2006 Final Battle 1st Hammer Charge

Here's WreckingCrew from Minnesota going through 900 paintballs the quick way. Thanks for the pic.

VIDEO: Covering Fire Blanding 2006

Here's Deadman who is now with Team Ultimate Judgment mowing people at the 2006 Free Finale. Thanks again to PBJunkie for taking the pics.

Video:  Free Finale 2006 Ramp it up

This is Woodtick from Team Death Ace at Splat Tag's Giant Big Game 11 in Hudson, Wisconsin. Very cool flatline shrouds.  Thank you Squib for the pic.

VideoBlanding Roof Runners

Here's SwampThing with his Gen 2 #46 ready for some CQB in Little Rock, Arkansas

Video:  Free Finale 2006 Final Battle 2nd Hammer Charge

Little Brother of Arizona at the SPPL Nationals in Oklahoma

Who says you can't crawl with a Double Trouble? Lil Brother again.

Here's CheckYer6 at Foxhound Ops with his brand new DoubleTrouble

This is Bakdoi from Orange County Mobile Infantry with his new DT

Doubleteam with DoubleTroubles? Excellent!! Bakdoi and CheckYer6