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Who is Doc?

I started playing paintball in March 2000 when a friend of mine(which my wife now hates) invited me to go play some renegade games of 3 on 3. As most of you have already experienced, I was hooked.

I began working at the local paintball field on Saturdays and then playing on Sundays. Again, the wife was very pissed. lol  I played woodsball weekly for almost a year and went to a few Wayne's World scenarios beginning with the Panic in the Streets game which was ended early by a hurricane. I also met my current team at that game, The Bad Monkeys.

Two of the local tourney players were at the field one Saturday looking for a 3rd player for a 3-man tournament. The field owner recommended me so I tried my hand a tournament. We took 1st and I was now hooked on tourney ball.  Wife again hated this.  lol   The next 3 years I was playing 3 days a week, brought home lots of trophys and prizes from tournaments and still was playing about 6-7 scenario games a year. 

A couple months before the 2003 Grand Finale at Wayne's World, I received a one-year sponsorship from Equalizer Paintball. And yea it was sweet. We went to Oklahoma D-day, Michigan Monster Game, Holy Grail Part Deux, and many other scenarios.

A few real-life developments caused me to slow down my paintball playing.  Now I play mostly scenarios and at the local fields but not nearly as often as in the past. Wife much happier now.

My first marker was a Model 98 with a flatline(still have it). Current collection includes several DoubleTroubles, Bob Long Intimidators, Invert Mini, WDP Angels, Team Strange Impulses and one old Crossman .50 revolver. One of my Angels has the original Dezign bolt in it. I forgot the guys name who makes the Dezign bolts, but when he first started making bolts, he would hand engrave the back of the bolt with the serial number and your nickname. Mine is #2.

I'm also owner of the Predator tank. It's the one with the eyes and teeth on the front. lol