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1. What is the Double Trouble? The Double Trouble is a kit originally made by Equalizer Paintball which allows a player to combine two Tippmann A5 paintball markers into one beast of a marker with up to a 900 paintball capacity and a rate of fire of up to 32 paintballs per second. The Double Trouble kit uses two firestorm cranks(also from equalizer paintball) connected together so then 1 crank operates both A5s. This kit is also known as the Gen 2 Double Trouble kit.

2. Where can I get one? YOU'RE ALREADY HERE!  The kits are available as just the connecting pieces and also as an entire double trouble kit complete with A5s. 

3. How much does it cost? Kit is $325 including shipping. Complete Doubletrouble Gen 2 kits with 2 A5s assembled and tuned by Doc cost $749 including shipping.

4. Will the Double Trouble kit fit my DM7s? No. The Tippmann A5 is the only paintball marker to work with the Double Trouble kit.

5. Is the Double Trouble field legal? So far, we have yet to find a field that won't let us use the Double Trouble. We've used the Double Trouble at Oklahoma D-Day, Michigan Monster Game, MXS scenario games, Wayne's World scenario games, Advanced Alabama Adventure scenarios, Low Country Paintball's Free Finale and many other smaller events/fields.

6. What modes does the Double Trouble use? The Double Trouble uses semi-auto(one shot per trigger pull) ONLY. But the semi mode does require the owner to set up the triggers correctly.

7. What permanent changes do I have to make to my A5s to use the Double Trouble kit? ABSOLUTELY NONE! After you set up your Double Trouble kit, if you find out you want to go back to a single marker, you can put your A5s back to their original state with no problems.

8. Will response triggers or electronic triggers make the Double Trouble fire faster? In our tests, the response triggers actually cause more pressure to be needed to turn the crank and ends up with a slower rate of fire. Electronic triggers make for less pressure to turn the crank but the upper limit of the A5s valve is approximately 16 cycles per second. After 16 cps, the A5s performance decreases significantly.

9. What's included in the Double Trouble Kit? Everything you need to shoot 32 bps except the air and paintballs. Includes 2 cranks, crank connector, cross bars,connecting bar, and screws. I'll check my parts sheet and see if I forgot anything. But you need absolutely no extra parts besides 2 A-5s.

10. I've got my own "cranks". Can't I just get the kit without the cranks? No. I have to send out all the DT kit cranks to have the cams turned down so they will exactly fit the DT crank connector. And if you ask anyone who owns a true DT kit, the kit fits together like a charm. Making a homemade crank connector is a nightmare especially when you have no spare cranks to practice with.

11. What are the cranks made of?  They're made of Dupont Zytell nylon imbedded polymer. It's the same material Glock lowers are made out of. They are also reinforced at the mount and at the crank to make them even stronger.

12. What are the kits made of?  The kits are made from 6061 aluminum, annodized black and each one has a serial number laser engraved into the back crossbar.