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Here at last.  For those players who need a little more than the standard wild Double Trouble user.  Try running through a lane covered by the Quadzilla. Only in the lane for 1/4 of a second, no problem, you only have to avoid 16 paintballs heading your way.  Email Doc if you're interested in buying one.  doc@doubletrouble2.com  Pics and video below.

Specs: Field legal one ball per trigger pull

          64 balls per second

          What more do you need?

Quadzilla Video

Here's the Sentinels Tank at a scenario in Minnesota. Notice the Quadzilla loaded turret.  So either a Quadzilla in the turret or load four players in the turret. lol

Quadzilla Guncam Video #3

Quadzilla at the Army of Darkness game in Yulee, FL

Quadzilla guncam footage

Viper from Firecomm at Blanding with his Quadzilla.

Quadzilla Guncam Footage #2

Twelve barrels: three players: 192 bps

Quadzilla Pre-release Test Footage

Quadzilla at Pauley's Rangers. Thanks PBJunkie for taking the pics.

Quadzilla at the 2008 LCP Free Finale Video

Here's the newest nasty edition to the family: Swampthing's new Quadzilla powered heavy weapon turret. It's almost ready for the field. 

Sentinel's newest Quadzilla powered creation. No motorized vehicles allowed: No problem.  They'll still wreck you. Coming soon: video of this beast in action.